ROLEE Software Services

GL Windows

GL Windows is a full-featured user-friendly accounting system for Windows.  With its easy-to-use real-time data entry and reporting facilities, this system enhances accounting productivity and efficiency by providing you with quick and accurate financial figures.  No more postings or journalizing needed. Just enter your transactions and your reports are ready anytime you need it.

It also has facilities for organizing your accounts using control accounts (account groups), subsidiary accounts, and cost centers.  Using its highly customizable financial reports, you have full control on how information is presented.

•    Define accounts, control accounts (account groups) and subsidiary accounts
•    Define cost/profit centers
•    Entry facilities for Journal Vouchers, Check Vouchers and Official Receipts and other user-defined transaction sources
•    Define Register Reports (Books) based on transaction sources
•    Define Properties (Fixed-Assets)
•    Data Maintenance facilities that allow users to back-up, restore data and ensure data integrity
•    Access Security features that define authorization for users to allow usage of all or specific features of the system.
•    Network Ready (can be accessed by multiple authorized users over local network)

•    Cash Position Report
•    Transaction Listing
•    Ledger Report (Standard or Summarized by Register)
•    Register Reports (e.g. Cash Receipts Books, Disbursement Book, General Journal and other Registers)
•    Trial Balance
•    Income Statement (by cost/profit center or all cost/profit centers), and other user-defined Statements (e.g. Cost of Sales, etc.)
•    Consolidated Income Statement (showing all main cost/profit centers in a columnar format)
•    Balance Sheet and other supporting Schedules
•    Budget and Variance Reports
•    Schedule of Depreciation (Fixed-Assets)
•    Schedule of Real-Estate Tax and Insurance (Fixed-Assets)
•    Audit Trail Report
•    Export Reports to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, etc.
•    Build custom reports using Microsoft Excel extracting data from GL Windows (e.g. Bank Reconciliation, Cash Flow, Comparative Financial Statements, etc.)